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Dassault Mercure 100 (DX-10)

Conceived as a competitor to the Boeing 737 100 & 200, but optimized for short range flights of about 2000 Km, the Dassault Mercure 100 promised high speed, high efficiency, advanced technology and Reliability. Although it successfully materialized these promises, its short range proved unpopular, being sold only in 10 units to Air Inter. One of the first airliners to feature CAT-III auto landing, and the first with a HUD. The Mercure had an impressive life with Air Inter, 360,000 flight hours, carrying 44 million passengers in 440,000 flights with no accidents, and a 98% in-service reliability over its years of service from 1973 to 1995.


This Aircraft is distributed exclusively by the Historic Jetliners Group. HJG has provided the sound package and performed extensive testing. Several improvements have been made under their suggestion! Please head over to their web page to download the Mercure. Be sure to download the appropriate base pack for your Flight simulator version.

The FS-X base pack is  NOT a FS-2004 port-over, but a true FS-X aircraft.