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Tigullio Photoreal

My Home Country PhotoScenery! This is a 406-tile photoreal Scenery covering the whole area of Ligurian Riviera from Recco to Riva Trigoso, including Portofino and Chiavari, in northern Italy. The photoscenery has 100% autogen with some tiles having more than 400 buildings plus accurate vegetation. In Total there are 254 AGN Files...!! It includes seasonal textures and night lighting obtained with manual editing of the summer photo map available... the scenery is full of boats and ships plus some other custom object. To reach it, you can takeoff form LIMJ RWY 11 and follow the coast until you reach Portofino... or choose a chopper and lift off from Chiavari's Coast Guard's helipad right in the middle of the touristic harbour, ICAO is CH01, or just search Chiavari... Have fun!!