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Piaggio P-149D (*)

Requires the "Necessary Files" Package!

The Piaggio P-149 is a trainer-liaison aircraft. It first flew in June 19th, 1953. Its a development of the P-148 model, with increased seat capacity, tricycle retractable landing gear and a more powerful engine, featuring a three-bladed constant speed propeller. It was mainly used by German Luftwaffe as a training aircraft, that ordered 75 examples in 1955. Later in 1957 another 190 were manufactured under license by Focke-Wulf. The D version is the one employed by Luftwaffe, while later some few P-149CH variants were used by Swissair as flying schools, and a few P-149U variants, with a new tail-plane section to allow more rotation clearance on takeoff were used by Uganda's Air Force. The P-149 Has a seating capacity of 4 with some examples being certified for 5 (both cases including pilot) and it's fully aerobatic, having G-limits set at +7\-4.5. After training activities ceased with Luftwaffe, several are still flying under civilian operators. This gMAX model features completely 3-D virtual cockpit and cabin with advanced night lighting and custom special effects, plus a sound package recorded from the real thing. Simulates all systems on-board the real aircraft, coming with panel instructions. Flight Dynamics are built using only real data based on the 1% spreadsheet plus lots of manual tweaking for fine tuning. Read Notes before flying please... Enjoy! Notes and documentation are the htm files in the P-149D aircraft folder.