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Caproni Vizzola C-22J Ventura (MSFS)


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Version 1.6.15 Change Log:
- WT GNS-430 Enforced
- Updated NAV/GPS changeover logic
- SU-15 High-precision Landing Gear model

Version 1.5.14 Change Log:
- GNS touch screen enabled
- Modern flight model enforced
- Softbody Simulation
- Control bindings (see manual for details):
- Engine Pushbuttons
- Generator Pushbuttons
- Generators Arm Button
- Emergency Gear Mechanism
- Blender Models converted to ASOBO Exporter
- No motion blur for Tires

Version 1.4.13 Change Log:
- Sim Update 13 Release.
- GNS 430 Option.
- Linear Stick Roll Animation.
- Steering animation fixed if gear retracted.
- more realistic EGT rate of change.
- Exhaust effect clipping fixed.
- CFD enabled for better stall behaviour.

Version 1.3.9 Change Log:
- Sim Update 9 Release
- Bugfix: CTD when using "Save VFR Pilot View"
- Reduced Engine Start-up times
- Elimineated highlight for instrument gauges
- Minor checklist fixes

Version 1.2.7 Change Log:
- Sim Update 7 Compatibility
- Reduced Glass Scratches and fingerprintgs (inside and out)
- ATC Make & Model Callouts
- Sound system bug fixes

Version 1.1.6 Change Log:
- Sim Update 6 Compatibility
- 4K Textures (including bumps and PBR)
- Minor 3D detailing improvements
- Elevator Trim 50% more responsive
- Minor sound system adjustments for Wind, Airbrake and throttle levers, brakes.
- Altitude alerter sound is now tied to its electrical ciruit
- Minor 3D model fixes.

The Machine:
A fully aerobatic, very-light Jet that compares to the Bede BD-5J, but heavier and sporting two instead of one TRS-18 turbojets. Up to Mach 0.47 and 650 NM of range, with a service ceiling of 25000ft. A low stall speed (for a jet) makes the aircraft good for short field operations.
Certified for VFR operations only, yet includes a good avionics suite. 
This is a "Classic" aircraft featuring "Steam" gauges and radios. Yet, controls and systems are easy to operate.

The History:
The C-22J is the last aircraft to be adorned with the legendary Caproni name. Originally known as "Caproncino", then marketed as "Ventura". A very-light jet developed in the 1980s as a military trainer, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. Powered by two TRS-18 turbojets fed from a dorsal NACA intake, the aircraft reached Mach 0.47 and was fully aerobatic. The airframe shows its origin in a glider design, the Caproni A-21 Calif. After the merger with SIAI Marchetti, the project was cancelled in favor of the SF-260.

The Simulation - 3D Model:
This aircraft ships with a 3-D cockpit, that incorporates realistic night lighting, in the form of a dim dome flood light, backlit gauges and luminous digital displays. The flight crew of 2 is affected by your input in the payloads menu of Flight Simulator, allowing to choose between male, female or empty seats. The Copilot Figure can be hidden with a quick click in the internal 3D view as well.

The Simulation - Realism:
This aircraft has been tuned with the invaluable help of Engineer Carlo Ferrarin, who created the real aircraft. Unique and one-off documentation has been kindly provided, and used extensively, for the creation of this product!
Just like the real aircraft, the systems are simple and of easy operation. Engines can be started with the press of a button. Systems modelling allows the following of real-world checklists as closely as Flight Simulator allows. An in-sim checklist is included, as well as a full flight manual.
The flight model is tuned with advanced aerospace techniques, resulting in a highly realistic aircraft, yet, it is very pleasant to fly, both during aerobatic displays or "A to B" cruising.

- High-Resolution 3D cockpit
- Full Documentation
- Aerobatic

- Flight simulator (2020, PC) (Sim Update V Tested)
- VR Tested